Raising Your Vibration and Food Choice


When you raise your vibration, you may no longer want to
do things that you normally do if those things are vibrationally low.

Effects of Drinking Alcohol on Your Health - Article - Community Care  Physicians P.C.

Drinking alcohol lowers your vibration. I haven’t had a sip of alcohol since June of 2019. I use to go through waves but that is no longer the case. From Dec. 31 2002 when I was pregnant with my youngest daughter until the summer of 2009, I did not drink alcohol at all. In 2006 I began to cut back on smoking and I quit in 2007 until the summer of 2009. There will probably never be an on again with regard to drinking because alcohol cannot live in the same space as my higher-self because the vibration of alcohol is too low for such a high vibrational being.

If all alcoholics raise their vibration I can say with certainty they will not crave alcohol because their vibration will be higher than the alcohol. This will have to be ongoing, not a one time high vibrational day and they quit. When you feel good about yourself and when you have goals to experience life and so forth, alcohol becomes a thing of the past.

Energy Update: All Are Being Invited To Wake Up! – SoulFullHeart Experience
Have you ever seen an alcoholic that gets high (not drunk) while drinking alcohol? They have more energy from drinking than they did before they picked up the drink. That tells you how down and depressed they are if alcohol gives them energy. They have been living on a vibrational level lower than alcohol. When your natural vibration increases to a level higher than that of the alcohol and you begin to feel good about yourself, alcohol no longer holds you in bondage to make you feel better. The higher our vibration, the more aligned with source you become.