Is Fluoride a Toxin?

I have been saying this for years. This is no joke. Why would you rather pay $10 for 4 cases of water with poison in it than $5 for a case of water without poison? Do you ever wonder why the water is on sale for $10 for 4 cases of water? Do you think someone is being nice to us because they care about us? Poisoning yourself is one thing (not such a good idea), but when you share this junk with your kids? Unfortunately, my daughter gets embarrassed when she is in the store with me. She thinks I have a big mouth. I am simply telling people the truth about products and it is a shame that she is embarrassed about “truth.” This is because all we hear are lies and cover-ups.

For those of you who are unaware that you can refuse fluoride treatments for your children, you can. I refuse it and the reactions of the dental assistants are appalling. I am sure that those aware of the dangers of fluoride already refuse this treatment for their children, why wouldn’t we? Knowing fluoride is toxic and letting our children consume it is a crime against humanity.

I am not sure how to understand why the experts allow North Americans to use fluoride in drinking water and toothpaste. It is banned in Europe and should be. Hurrah for Europe! Tooth decay has declined in many years even in those who do not use fluoride which tells you that fluoride is not what is aiding in the decline in tooth decay.

Realize please, as I have stated many times over the years that there are different types of fluoride. The fluoride added to water and toothpaste is harmful and can cause different types of cancer and causes brain damage, especially in children. While adults retain 10% of fluoride in their bodies, children retain 50%.

Natural fluoride from Earth is called calcium fluoride and does not cause cancer and brain damage as it is naturally occurring and is in the soil; therefore, it will be an ingredient in spring water. People living in rural areas who drink groundwater along with elevated levels of calcium fluoride have experienced “outbreaks of skeletal fluorosis or calcification of the joints that can cause discomfort and deformity.”

Synthetic fluoride (purposely added to our drinking water in 1945 and then toothpaste) called sodium fluoride is quite harmful. As I have stated in the past on many social network platforms and to my children who have children and to friends, is very harmful. Hitler used it in concentration camps to keep people docile and it has been used in our prison system for the same reason. I wrote this article years ago and while revamping my websites (community) I ensured to see if links I provided are still available and, well, now we have fact check so most of Google’s front page was filled with fact check. The ol mighty fact check states that it is not a fact that Hitler used it in concentration camps; however, the use of fluoride in the U.S. if you check began in 1945. How telling. Also, fact check should be fact checked.

Synthetic fluoride is a harmful chemical “widely believed to contain cancer-causing agents” and in its purest form, can eat through concrete. Sodium fluoride has been changed to fluorosilicic acid. According to the American Cancer Society, studies originally showed that there was a bone cancer that could have been caused by fluoride that may affect males only and was shown in rats and not mice. Many studies have taken place ever since and shows no real threat; however; there haven’t been enough cases to conclude. Big business, hard to trust. Who do we trust? When in question…DO NOT USE FLUORIDE unless it is naturally occurring.

Here is my conclusion about the bone health issues they presented. In rural populations where there is more naturally occurring fluoride, where people drink a lot of groundwater leading to an excess of calcium fluoride, they obviously have these health issues due to a large amount of calcium intake. This is the same as the warning I have been preaching about for many years regarding cow’s milk. DO NOT drink it. You are not a calf and you do not need a cow’s milk. You are human. Cow’s milk is meant for 400-pound calves. Is there a reason that humans need to consume another animal’s milk? Do cows consume human milk? No, it probably would not nourish them, being we need only to nourish babies avering 8 pounds. Their milk; then, is too much for our bones.

With regard to fluoride and brain damage, lower IQ and docility as a result of purposely adding synthetic fluoride to water and toothpaste, the answer is telling. Hitler used it for a reason and although he may have been evil for killing humans, he was very intelligent and obviously a brilliant and manipulating orator. The links below come from an internet search on what the public will read and can read with understanding. It is not that I do not find them reputable, it is that two of them are conducting research for an individual purpose in order to make their bottled water seem healthy. The American Cancer Society who is probably as trustworthy as pharma conducted the other study. I mean, there has always been a cure for cancer so that should answer the questions you may have in doubting my opinion of their reputation and truthfulness.…/natural-fluoride-vs…/…/water-fluoridation-and-cancer……/an-explanation-of-the…

Read this…which is a little more my speed…a real study, academic papers as compared to those who talk about studies using their own “want to sway you in their direction MENTION of studies!”


Here is a Google search page where you may still see the first page suddenly filled with fact-checks showing me that everything we know about the truth is hidden.

As kooky as my daughter thinks I am in the store, I continue to be me. For years I have been stopping people in the supermarket to tell them to drink spring water, not to use fluoride and not to eat gum with aspartame among other things. I feel I have a duty to help people who are unaware of the poison they ingest. Aspartame is used in gum and sweeteners. I learned this quite a few years ago and a few years ago I read

stories and watched something pertaining to a woman dying from brain cancer linked to aspartame. You will find content online with different opinions as we do with many other topics. I do have to say this, when in doubt…don’t use it! Do not say I will eat it or use it until you find proof that it is bad for you. Instead say, I am not eating this until I find out that it is safe. Better safe than sorry. Why find out when it is too late?

For those of you using fluoride-free toothpaste, Tom’s of maine added a charcoal type of toothpaste. Also, the brand “Hello” offers fluoride-free also with charcoal toothpaste. My daughter did not like it at first but when she saw there was charcoal toothpaste available, she decided to like it, of course because charcoal is the in thing 🙂

This is interesting and is why I have been telling you for years that you are wasting money on purified bottled water. Mind you, I also drink bottled water but only water that is spring water, not purified, and does not have extra fluoride added. I will see about spring water next but for you purified bottled water lovers, there is this… click here to watch this video

You can read this article to find out about what consumer reports found in popular water brands regarding toxins and chemicals

Learn about microplastics in bottled water from WaterLogic

Not that I have any faith in the CDC, FDA or EPA, I will share a link here in case you are interested in learning about a parasite in water that can make people sick, but moreso, people with compromised immune systems. Read more here

I am not a tap water drinker and never have been so I lived without drinking water most of the years I was growing up. Then I started using purified water until I realized they were taking out the vitamins and minerals. I have to say that I would probably prefer to drink tap water if it did not consist of fluoride. Catch 22!