Eat To Live Rather Than Live To Eat

Eat to live, do not live to eat. We have to eat in order to live and once we do the opposite (live to eat), we gain weight and in my opinion, tend to have a decrease in self-esteem simply because we are out of control. See, when we eat to live, we are aware that we only eat food for the purpose of survival. We realize the importance of eating that which is essential for our bodies. We realize that water, tea and smoothies are filling for a time so we use them as fillers as not to eat too much food. We want to be satisfied, not full. Being full gives a heavy feeling. Being full all of the time makes us hungrier and it becomes a habit to eat more at each sitting.

If you go to a restaurant and they fill your to go box like Panda Express, do you eat all of the food? They give enough food for 2 meals. Take a look at that. Just because you are given 2 meals in a box, does not mean that you have to eat it all at once. Do not let these people set your food limits. Set your own or you will lose control and lower your self esteem. Then when you gain weight from all of this food, your self esteem will lower even more. Set your own limits. Think about what you are putting in your body. We are what we eat. Literally though, put a cow in your body and ingest fear from torture which gives us negative vibrations. Oh, and cow DNA in our bodies? Are you wanting to become a cow?