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Our 6 Best Doctors

Go Within or Be Without

The 6 best doctors are natural doctors meant for giving us energy and good health and they are : sunshine, water, rest, air, exercise and diet

Your body will crave (tell you) the color of food needed to heal and to be healthy. Listen to the messages from your higherselves.

How amazing is it that food is the cure! Yes, if you eat a healthy diet, you stay healthy and can prevent many illnesses. I would venture to say all illnesses but you have to remember that your state of vibration and your mindset must be in order and in harmony with the universe as well. Remember, you are what you eat, and you are what you think. As you focus on a healthy state of mind and you state things such as I am perfect health you will notice that you are suddenly moving in the direction toward that which brings you optimum health and you feel accomplished.

I know that many times things are easier said than done. If you watch commercials, you may notice that a lot of them are ads for medication. You may also notice that there are many disturbing side effects in taking these medications and that on more than one occasion, death is a side effect. Knowing this, it is logical to eat food and use spices and seeds that benefit our bodies.

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Garlic; for instance, has many proven health benefits. Here is something you may want to pay attention to. For one, if you do enough research or if you are one who knows things, you will agree that we were not put here on a planet without natural cures. Image retrieved here

Garlic reduces the depletion of estrogen (Health line, 2019). There are several benefits to eating garlic. I call it the miracle medicine. I add cloves to as many dishes as I can. Also, roasting garlic in the oven is a rather tasty way to eat it. You can eat it as a snack, put it on a dish with appetizers or even add things to it like pesto. Garlic also reduces inflammation which is great for arthritis and even covid19. Garlic is also a great anti-inflammatory for your bronchis.

Garlic reduces the depletion of estrogen (Health line, 2019). Now, I was given an opinion from a gynecological surgeon to have a full hysterectomy in order to remove fibroids. I have a mitral valve prolapse so it was important for me to do research regarding the procedure and my condition.

Research shows that removing your ovaries causes an immediate loss of estrogen. I mean, you cannot produce it anymore. Research shows that the loss of estrogen increases the risk of heart disease. So, I told the surgeon I would have a partial hysterectomy because I need the estrogen because loss of estrogen can cause heart disease and a mitral valve prolapse is a minor heart disease. He said, “Ok, but eventually your your ovaries are going to stop producing estrogen. He said then you will be at risk for ovarian cancer.

I told him that I would rather have cancer than a heart attack. I chose not to have the operation at all and that is because I also read that with menopause (not yet for me), women no longer get fibroids and the ones they do have, dissipate. The bottom line is that garlic reduces the risk of heart problems and reduces the depletion of estrogen. Therefore; doctors should recommend that people with heart problems take daily doses of garlic and that pre-menopausal woman should do the same. It is important for the benefit of your health that you conduct research or come to spaces such as this to find out how certain foods are effective in the prevention of some diseases.

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