We Heal From The Inside

Go within or you will be without

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Healing from within is not a new concept. It is not new age thinking. It may have been a hidden reality in western civilization but has been reality in other civilizations. Whether monk, Guru or other, the truth was not hidden as it was in western civilization.

We are multidimensional beings having a human experience. There is more to us than flesh and bones. The body is our vehicle that we use for each journey and is needed in order for consciousness to have experiences through the senses.

Whether you believe we are separate beings, we are one consciousness, we live in a holographic universe or anything in between, it is important to know that whether one or many, consciousness is the creator of the universe; therefore, the creator of your 3D individual dense body.

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In realizing that certain information about humanity was kept secret from the masses, you may conclude that this was and is a crime against humanity. The simple fact that only some people on the planet were and are aware that we are spiritual beings having a human experience brings a sense of esotericism. This information; however, is not shared information within a special group of people because it is supposed to be secret. While this may seem esoteric to some; the powers that be hid this information from humanity, created secret societies based on the hidden truths while leaving most in the dark.

The most natural thing you can do is to heal by going within. You are the master of your body. Your body with its trillions of cells is your personal eco system, so be mindful that you do not live in fear, stress or anything else that carries a low vibration. If you do, you introduce your body to dis-ease because your body is not in harmony with its natural higher vibrations.

High vibrations bring good health, positive experiences, abundance and so forth. Low vibrations bring dis-ease, poverty and negative experiences. This is why it is imperative to become aware of who you are and how you can heal yourself and change your life. Journey within and you will find the universe inside of you rather than outside of you.

In a universe filled with endless possibilities, why don’t people ask more questions about themselves? We were trained not to. We were taught to ask about everything outside of ourselves and what is worse is that we were taught to put others before ourselves. the bottom line is that if you do not love yourself and care for yourself, there will be no self.

Nothing happens to us that we do not allow; in fact, we bring into manifestation all of our experiences. Change your mood, change your reality. Change your thoughts, change your reality. Is it that simple? This is what you hear when you look for Law of Attraction Gurus, correct? This is only part of it though. Your mood is a result of any given experience at the time. Your experience is a result of your thoughts and emotions which create the vibration / frequency you send out into the universe, but your thoughts are a result of your belief system. Your belief system controls your every thought, emotion, vibration, well, your entire life!

This is important for you to know if you want to heal from the inside and only when you achieve this can you create the reality you desire. We create reality all of the time. If we are negative in thought, we create negative experiences for ourselves. Therefore, the only solution is to be positive and this entails changing our belief system to one that resonate with us.