To Mask or Not to Mask? What are the Medical Opinions?

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First I will share my insight. This small piece was speculation, a theory I had that makes perfect sense to many. I was guided by bacterial shedding because I feel as if I am inhaling bacteria when I wear masks and it gets worse the longer I stand in line in a store. I am very aware of what is normal when inhaling as I am hoping most people are. I am asthmatic and I have allergies making me sensitive to changes in the environment, weather, pollution, chemicals and pollen. The bottom line is that I am very aware of the things that I am inhaling due to sensitivity as well as sensitivity on the esoteric level.

Covid19 began to spread in October of 2019 to the states. This means by the end of October in my experience, it was in the states by the end of October.

I know a flight attendant who became ill and remained ill for the months of November and December 2019. Her coworkers were ill as well.

At the be=ginning of November she asked me to grab her medicine from the store. We ate Thanksgiving supper with her and she was still sick.

In hindsight, she remembered they had a lot of Chinese people on their flights at the time. This was in my opinion, the first wave of Covid to the states, not in January.

It makes perfect sense since activity changed around the Wuhan Lab in October and that spread of the virus would begin then during travel.

I shared the above information because it revealed to me that I was better off without wearing a mask. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and the WHO were not transparent about the virus, nor was Gates and other people vested in the virus. This may include people that seem to have agendas outside the interest of healing society such as Dr. Fauci and Biden as well as leaders that attended The World Economic Forum (WEF) annually in Davos in Switzerland.

If masks work, why are lockdowns in place. If masks work, why is it necessary for people with medical problems (especially breathing and heart) to wear a mask?

This published 1919 study shows that there was no difference in mask wearing between Stockton which mandated mask-wearing in public and Boston that did not. There was little difference in the death rates. It was also believed then as many of us state today that the masks we wear ar ineffective as well as the way they are being worn.

Surgical Masks

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Graph showing comparable infection rates in Boston and Sacramento during the 1918 flu epidemic
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The Bacterial Argument

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Fauci and AZT

Interesting. I found this November 29th. People are tired of holding back. Not only aren’t the masks working,again, in my opinion, we become more vulnerable to illness.

I also found this on the 29th of November. This is just a peak at what I have been saying for decades, only now it is all in place. I think you can stop calling me a conspiracy theorist now. WAKE UP.