We should always, especially In uncertain times, grow our own food. Begin with spices if your do not have time for more. The reason why we are told that Earth (Gaia) is overpopulated is because the powers that be want us to believe that we are over-using resources. If indeed, we are over-using resources, it is due to the way that we are governed.

Why exactly are we governed by people who have no idea what they are doing? Well, truth be known, because we are not. The powers that be know EXACTLY how we can all be happy, always have food and other resources. So why don’t they share what they know? They would lose control.

We are not overpopulated. We do not need a bunch of rich people to tell us that we are overpopulated, create viruses to control the population, leading to an economic crash and war. My gosh, it is like clockwork. Do you see it?

What we need to do as humans is become self-sufficient. Our homes and land can work for us as we love and care for it. We can create an ecosystem and as we are part of that system, we work together to ensure sustainability and self-sufficiency. When everyone on the planet has their own land and personal ecosystem, we will end homelessness and our planet and her occupants will thrive.

Here are a few videos to explain better about permaculture and the benefits of it. I will eventually grow my own food but have not yet. Once I do I will be able to share my experiences but for now, I am sharing videos.

Many people today are interested in taking their lives back. They want to enjoy life, work less and see more. People are living in RVs full time, building tiny homes, buying and converting campers, vans and even SUVs and cars. Amazing designs are possible with container homes.

We are here to live life and that is what we should do, whether you travel full time, have land to come back to every so often or build a homestead. The time of stress and slavery is over. Think of that life as a past life and create a new reality.

Take a Look at Your Options

Tiny Homes

Tiny Home Build. They come in all shapes and sizes. I’d say this is an average creative below.

This one is very artsy and the owner was helped by many people, as it was a project.

Container Homes

Shipping containers can be given a second life by crafting them into homes. Below are a few examples. They are stackable making it easy for us to create to levels. While 20 and 40′ containers are typical sizes people use to build their homes, there are also custom sizes available such as 45′, 48′ and 53′ Although the narrator states that there are no manifests available to learn what the containers were used for, this is not exactly true. There are containers with manifests explaining what the container was used for and some containers do not have manifests to document past use of the containers. Past use can be shipping diapers or clothes and even nuclear waste. Shipping containers that are purchased for home use should be purchased new, especially if the containers do not have a manifest that tracked past use.

This is a beauty and the owners added a studio next to their home and rent out out as an AirBNB.

The video below explains a bit about shipping containers. Shipping containers come from China.

RV Living

Brand new 2020 park model travel trailer. You do not want to use this for going to the beach or camping in the mountains because it is over 13,000 pounds. This is a destination trailer, meaning you take it from point A to point B.

Below is a custom 48′ 5th wheel. This is probably expensive but I want to show as many options as I can.

The two examples below is more or less the type of videos I watch all of the time because the budget is more realistic for growing families. I also love when people have a hand in revamping or simply creating new spaces.

Fifth Wheel

31′ Class C RV

Another option available for living space is the caravan for those of you wanting to go even smaller. Tiny homes and containers help you downsize and embrace minimalism but not like caravans, Vans, SUVs and cars. See below.

This is my absolute favorite caravan so far. The owner is creative and spiritual as well as sentimental.

Tree houses are also part of the DIY tiny home movement.

School Bus Conversions

Grandpa’s Cabin Camper

Thought this was an interesting build over the cab of a truck.

Fun projects that are natural and you can build them yourself. One project will keep you warm and the other will keep you warm as well as aid in filling your belly.

More to come