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      October 2, 2022
      On Friday September 30 I started taking only 400 mg of vitamin C that I purchased a few days before. I also had some of my soup a few days before but I did not make it too my liking so I only had it once. This green soup is what is supposed to heal me so I better make a batch on Tuesday night or Wednesday of this week. There is a whole lot of B17 in this soup.

      In case I did not post this article before about a ldy (nurse) I spoke about ears ago, I have the site here. The article is not the same but it is about the same nurse and I have been unable to find information about her until I looked in different ways. Here is one website
      Because who wouldn’t want a cure for cancer?

      By Tracy Moran


      Because who wouldn’t want a cure for cancer

      The Canadian nurse was about to discover a secret that would change her life, and the lives of her patients, forever. In 1922, while tending to an 80-year-old woman, Rene Caisse noticed scarring on one of the woman’s breasts. When asked about it, Caisse’s patient explained that she’d been diagnosed with breast cancer some 30 years before.

      The woman had emigrated from England and found herself in a mining camp in northern Ontario, says Debbie Jakovac, owner of Blue Moon Herbs. When a visit to a Toronto doctor revealed the cancer diagnosis, it was recommended that the woman have a mastectomy. Mastectomies in the late 1800s were often grisly, and the woman had lost a friend to one such surgery. So when a medicine man at the mining camp said he could help her with an herbal tea, “she drank the herbal mixture daily, and within time the breast tumors gradually diminished,” writes Cynthia Olsen in Essiac: A Native Herbal Cancer Remedy.

      Caisse got the recipe from her patient and “filed it away,” says Jakovac. A short while later, while Caisse was visiting a doctor friend, he pointed to a weed in his yard and said it could help rid the world of cancer if more people used it. Caisse recognized the “weed” as one of the ingredients in the herbal tea. So when her aunt was diagnosed with stomach and liver cancer two years later, she got permission from her aunt’s doctor to use the herbal formula to treat the disease. Having been given just months to live, Caisse’s aunt lived another 21 years with no recurrence of cancer.

      Rene caisse

      Rene Caisse


      Caisse began experimenting with the herbs, and by 1926, a group of doctors was sufficiently impressed by the results to petition the Canadian government to give Caisse treatment facilities. The petition was denied, and Caisse was threatened with arrest — something she managed to avoid by not charging for her services and teaming up with patients’ doctors. She also ran tests on mice, injecting them with Rous sarcoma and then treating them with the herbal tea, dubbed Essiac (Caisse’s name spelled backward). The rodents lived for 52 days, “longer than with any other treatment,” writes Olsen.

      Caisse soon gave up nursing so she could focus on seeing cancer patients in her apartment in Bracebridge, Ontario. She collaborated with Frederick Banting (of insulin fame) to treat a patient of his suffering from diabetes and colon cancer. The patient was given Essiac, and both the diabetes and cancer disappeared.

      Eventually the Bracebridge Town Council gave Caisse space for five treatment rooms, where she helped thousands of cancer patients. Her mother, diagnosed in 1935 and given just days to live, was treated with Essiac and lived another 18 years. In 1938, a petition circulated that would allow Caisse to treat patients without their doctors’ permission or the threat of arrest, but it fell three votes short of passing. “She wanted them to acknowledge that it appeared to be working before she’d give up the formula, and they wanted her to give up the formula first,” says Jakovac.

      Hounded relentlessly, Caisse suffered a nervous collapse and ended up closing her clinic. Given a choice between handing over the formula or going to jail, Caisse “went underground, but kept quietly treating people,” Jakovac says. She also worked with Charles Brusch, John F. Kennedy’s doctor, who persuaded Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center to conduct tests on the herbs, Olsen writes. In archived correspondence between Caisse and Sloan Kettering, says Jakovac, the former nurse is clearly irritated with the researchers for failing to include one of the herb’s roots and for freezing the concoction, which, she explained, was detrimental. “Early results were really promising,” says Jakovac, but the researchers “weren’t doing it right, and the results weren’t promising after that.” Caisse tried to interest pharmaceutical companies in the formula and finally sold it to Resperin in 1977, shortly before her death. She also shared the formula with a few friends, including Brusch.

      The formula includes burdock root, sheep sorrel, slippery elm bark and turkey rhubarb root, according to Olsen. With many small firms marketing Essiac-related remedies, from tinctures and powders to tea and capsules, there’s plenty of debate as to which products contain the right amounts of the various ingredients. Still, thousands subscribe to an Essiac fan page on Facebook, posting testimonials about its healing power. Gary Wandling, 77, swears by it. Diagnosed with prostate cancer that had progressed to his bones, and given months to live, Wandling started drinking the tea daily … 11 years ago.

      Jakovac started drinking Essiac tea, and selling it, after gallbladder surgery left her with digestive problems that were relieved by the tea. She doesn’t call Essiac a cancer cure, but rather a healthy remedy that offers hope and healing while promising to do no harm. Brusch wrote in 1980 that he endorsed the Essiac therapy, “for I have in fact cured my own cancer, the original site of which was the lower bowel, through Essiac alone.”

      Whether folks choose to believe in the power of the tea, the range of Essiac products being marketed today are a powerful testament to one woman, Rene Caisse, a nurse with a single-minded commitment to saving thousands of lives.

      Tracy MoranTracy Moran, OZY Author Follow Tracy Moran on Facebook Follow Tracy Moran on Twitter Contact Tracy Moran”
      Th whole page copied from actual page because stories continue to disappear.

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      Saturday September 24, 2022

      I did reply yesterday, however; I do not think that I saved the entry correctly. There must have been a mistake in the system. Sine the 15th I have continued to grab energy from the sun, eat the heck out of berries and nuts everyday. Drink my tea which is green tea with raw unfiltered, uncooked, 100% natural honey and turmeric. I have been drinking this for years, however; in the past few months, I haven’t been drinking as much which I need to get back to doing.

      I saw a pulmonary doctor which I have not seen probably since I was a child and he sent me for blood tests and of course one of the tests was a CBC. I went for those on Tuesday September 20. I am able to see my results online so this is helpful in my “heal myself” journey. I also went to another doc on Wednesday and he also ordered more blood tests including a CBC which I went to do on Thursday September 22nd.

      They are both looking for specific markers. I am looking for markers as well. Which are low counts in my blood that I can raise myself to a corrected level? Most of the levels for the CBC are green means go which is good. Four or five need to be improved out of 23 and it begins with hemoglobin and in fact all 4 have to do with red blood cells which affects oxygen levels. I now see why my oxygen levels when taking the finger test is now 92 rather than 98 and 99 which it normally is. This must be fixed so I need to increase my iron intake.

      Our bodies always tell us what we need. We each have our own eco-systems inside of us, although many do not realize this. Are we open to listening to our bodies, higher selves etc.? I unfortunately have been wasting all of the spinach and other leafy green veggies for months by letting them rot. I knew that I needed spinach yet it mostly wound up in the trash.

      My CEA levels came up great and as a non-smoker. I quit smoking 6 weeks ago on August 12 2022
      (2nd time. First time as in 2007 until 2009). This test shows the carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA) in the blood to monitor the response to treatment as well as check for the return of colon as well as other cancers.

      My C 27.29 levels were through the roof which checks for breast cancer and stages, remission, the likliness of it recurring etc. and basically metastasis.

      My albumin level is 3.4 when it should be 3.6 to 3.5 g/dl. “A lower level of albumin may occur with several acute or chronic conditions. These conditions may include liver disease, kidney damage, inflammation, infection, diabetes, cancer, congestive heart failure, and celiac disease, among others. Tests for albumin are typically done in combination with other general health laboratory tests, such as comprehensive metabolic panel.

      Albumin is a protein marker. I heed to raise my protein which I know. I am 100% vegetarian and I use to say a borderline vegan but recently more so. See, I do not drink milk or eat dairy although I have been known to cheat with cheese and is pretty rare. That is not the problem because I really do not like dairy. The problem is that I use honey just about on a daily and vegans do not. More this week, maybe later after I finish some projects and sit in the sun for a bit while eating berries and nuts and drinking water. I also have my green soup to prepare which cures dogs of parvo and I believe it cures viruses and imbalances such as cancer and other dis ease.

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      Just jotting down dates 2 months and one week later. How sad, I know. Started over as if this time in my life with this “issue” imbalance, well, life can end at anytime. My doctor is a total moron. I will explain why later. I need to jot some dates down real quick. Wednesday Sept 14, 2022 I had about 30 minutes of sun, I had green tea with pure unfiltered honey and turmeric as I do almost every night. I cooked and ate my green soup with food containing B17 which I have been using for years for puppy parvo which I call doggie cancer. I also ate berries and nuts and tried to keep up on water (Not a lover of water).

      On Thursday September 15TH I did the same.
      On Friday the 16th I had very little sun.
      On Saturday I sat in the sun for 9 minutes short of an hour while drinking water and eating berries, grapes and nuts.
      On Sunday the 18th (today) I sat in the sun for about 35 minutes eating fruit again after eating peanuts in the house. I brought my water with me. I will fill in the gaps this week.

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      Share your vegan homemade soup recipes!

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