Lead By Example

Children are resilient. It is not necessary to give into the whining of I want fast food. Teach them to eat healthy by leading by example. We must teach our children that in order to prevent health issues, they must eat to live and not live to eat. They should put foods that are essential for the body inside of them. There is nothing essential about a greasy burger from a fast-food joint. Further, aiding in obesity of another is morally wrong. If you don’t want to be obese, why would you let your child become obese? It is unhealthy, especially if they have weight problems.

If the whining is getting to you or you feel guilty that you are not letting them have what they want, then you, the parent are out of control because soothing your own feelings over the health of your children is immoral and selfish. When you put a variety of healthy, beautiful looking food in the fridge, your child will eventually want to become creative with it. Mine does. Further, it always comes down to the basics, we should all know how to eat to live. Further, what happens if you are stuck somewhere without a living animal to torture, kill and ingest, you should know how to eat the way we were intended to eat.