How are the Restaurants Handling Potential Covid Outbreaks?

I am a delivery driver and I mostly deliver food from restaurants to deliver food to customer’s homes, hospitals, some businesses and elderly care homes. I also have past experience as a restaurant manager and was being trained to become an area manager.

Covid was released on the world in October of 2019. It may have been before that and probably was but we cannot leave it to the CCP to be transparent. This is very sad. How do I know this? Well, a friend of the family, a flight attendant was very sick throughout the months of November and December of 2019. I was visiting at the beginning of November and she asked me to go to the store for medication. She was not sure if she had allergies or something else so she asked me to pick up allergy medication.

On Thanksgiving that month she was very sick and it was not allergies and other flight attendants were sick as well and not like the typical flu. I am not saying any better or worse, just different. We ate Thanksgiving dinner and we were in close proximity to her just as I was at the beginning of that month when she was sneezing and coughing right near me. We were all talking, and laughing within close proximity that night.

As the history of this infection shows, China informed the WHO on December 31 of 2019 about the virus and we were told in January; however, we came to find out later that, could have been approximately a month, that China said they made a mistake and that the first case was found in November, rather than December.

A point I was trying to make in a Facebook group but was called a liar during lockdown between March and June was that the virus was here in October/November but surely in China in October. I was called a liar and a conspiracy theorist. I am a conspiracy theorist, thank you very much but this did not have anything to do with a conspiracy. This has to do with common sense.

So let us think logically rather than ask where my tin-foil hat is. Pretend I did not mention the story about the flight-attendants and you, like those people on Facebook only know what you have been told by the not so ever honest WHO, China and some of the politicians as well as the not so forth-coming Fauci. In January of this year (2020), they informed us that China found their first cases in December. Does this not make the brain tick? At this point, everyone should have figured that if the first cases were found in December, it probably began to spread early December or the end of November.

Then China said they made a mistake and the first cases were found in November. This means what? The virus began to spread in October! This is NOT rocket science. Since the news came rather late and the airlines were running full capacity, the virus without a doubt was in America as well as the rest of the world in October. Nothing else makes sense and sorry, that is the bottom line. We can consider our family friend and her coworkers the first wave infected.

My whole point was that October of this year was the anniversary of covid’s destruction. It is 12/21/2020 so we are 14 months into this. I worked as a delivery driver this whole time. Everything was fully open, no masks and no hand sanitizer so as usual, we touched everything and touched our faces. Not that this has anything to do with my article, but, where were all of the deaths between November and lockdown in march?

When we shutdown and there were safety precautions we had to take for some establishments to remain open, they were not always followed. I know this, I saw this everyday of the week throughout this entire pandemic.

Restaurant employees wear gloves at the register and then they use the same gloves to hand out drinks and bags. When there are no customers around, the employees remove their masks, even the cooks. There were even a few open establishments doing business that were supposed to be closed between March and whenever they were allowed to reopen and they were not wearing masks.

I love when you pull up to a fast food restaurant and they hand your food to you in a plastic container. Did they not touch the food bag or drink that they put into the container? Then you still have to touch the bag with your hands to retrieve it. Do they ever sanitize that plastic container. We know many of them do not change their gloves and touch money, bags, cups and yes, even food. that is always pleasant to see. NOT!

I have literally had to speak up in several restaurants and explain how to wear gloves. I did it in the restaurants that I managed and trust me, they were not going to get away with it here. I have to tell them that gloves are not the best measure for safety, you know, like masks. People put on gloves and they suddenly feel a sense of safety so they wear their gloves for hours and touch everything causing cross-contamination.

We already have a threat as it is in the restaurant if safety is not practiced. Potentially hazardous food becomes hazardous when comprehensive safety plans are not created and implemented. What is happening now, the transference of items in a “safe” container is not safe. Using gloves to touch several different types of items, is not safe. Why are we using the plastic container? It creates an illusion of safety. After all, the same gloves touch money, the person in the car touches money or a card, germs are being transferred back and forth and you continue to wear the same gloves?

Do not wear gloves. Rather, wash and sanitize your hands or make it your job to do only one type of transaction and sanitize your hands after each transaction. I mean, you are not sanitizing the gloves so you are potentially spreading the virus due to the illusion of safety.

I say the same thing about masks for those who do not know how to use them and for those who use certain types of masks that keep nothing out. Not knowing how to use them means that you consistently touch your face because you, again, have an illusion of safety. Also, when you remove your mask after touching items in a store without first sanitizing your hands, what good is the mask. You are touching everything and then removing your mask after touching everything and the germs are now on your mask that you put back on your face.

I was not protected at all between October and June when it became mandatory to wear a mask. I am also a very careful person and have a problem with people getting too close all of the time. This is not just a pandemic thing for me. Keep your distance and stop breathing on me. I am a firm believer that social distancing and sanitizing your hands works. So from October through mid March I was not protected. That was 5 months and on June 25th, 2020 when masks were mandated (8 months unprotected) I wore them when I had to. Although I am mostly outside when I work, I do have to walk into restaurants without drive-thrus and I do have to many times see customers.

For your health, besides the things that I mentioned above, please do not fear the virus. Please do not let negative and fear mongering people get you down. This is a virus, yes. It kills some people, yes. This is very unfortunate, as it always is whenever someone dies from a virus. Fear lowers your vibration and in turn, lowers the chances for your immune system to fight against the enemy. While there is a 98 to 99% chance of living, safety and the high chance of living is what we should be focusing on.

People that sit around and scare others should put a sock in it and am not being rude, they are. This virus is airborne. Masks may keep out a few drops as Dr. Fauci said. This is great because you never know which drop and how many will infect you; however, the virus that is able to get into the mask is looking for the hole it can get into, it is not looking to get back out. This is another illusion of safety. Once you breathe in, that may be enough to infect you. The mask will ensure that this happens. Bandanas and scarves, not safe!

I know an infected couple, yes, they both tested positive and they were both out shopping the whole quarantine time. I am sure there were millions of people doing the same thing between October and mid-March because no-one was the wiser but have some type of respect. As it is, our numbers are off because the hospitals were listing all deaths as covid, and greatly because they are not including numbers from October, November and December at all. The numbers will never be accurate, but, what we do know if we use common sense, the numbers are lower than we are being told because we are not including those months.

Look, every death is horrifying and these viruses are also horrifying but we have them. The Spanish flu infected 500,000,000 people worldwide, killed 50,000,000 (1/3 of the world’s population) people worldwide and 675,000 of those deaths were from America alone. Our population is about 330,000,000 now and it was, I believe 103,000,000 then. We are doing great. I know that must sound horrible but it is true. We have 227,000,000 more people in the U.S. now and our numbers with regard to cases and fatalities are over-exaggerated for this virus so we are doing better than expected, not worse. Fauci expected 2 million deaths in the US and we are at 318k now, 14 months into it. The Spanish flu lasted about two years with much less of a population. Also remember what Cuomo did to the elderly in NY. If he did not murder the grandparents, our numbers would be even less.

Worldwide cases today are 76.8 million worldwide with 1.6 million deaths worldwide and 43.3 million recovering. The number of infected people in the US is 17.9 million. The testing is faulty so we can not even get an accurate number on that. I have this information memorized of course but you can find this information on Google or probably any website and oh, our least favorite friend, fact check, the Nazi Regime of today.

All I am saying is that fear and stress lowers the ability for your immune system to fight the enemy. The experts know this yet rather than keep you in a state that would benefit you, they do the opposite. I simply want you to be careful in restaurants, with the way you wear a mask if you wear one but mostly, pay particular attention to social distancing and sanitizing. As far as keeping others safe, same. Social distance. We do all have rights and it is not anyone’s decision as to whether or not we wear a mask that may indeed do more harm than good but when it comes to rights, we all have them so please keep your distance from others, they have a right to have space. Pay close attention to what they do in restaurants and any market in fact. Love and Light <3