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      There are secrets that have been hidden from many that are a important for us to all know. The secret that vibration can heal or harm us is one. The entire universe is vibrational. Nothing rests; everything moves. So to understand the universe and to understand the power you have to manifest that which you desire, you must understand frequency which is the rate at which a vibration occurs.

      Disease has nowhere to live in a high vibrational being. This being may be a plant, water, humans, animals or any other being in the universe including planets and stars. Yes, Earth (Gaia) is a being. A huge being but surely a breathing, living being that gives life to plants, trees, bacteria, fungi and everything you can imagine.

      Everything on this planet needs water to live, yes? We need water and sun. Low vibrations / frequencies create dis-ease and is why it is important to raise our vibrations. Everything in the universe can be measured by frequency and this includes the water we are supposed to drink. Look at the word DISEASE alone. The English language is a language of spells. Take the word apart and you have dis and ease. This is the opposite of ease. A disease does not necessarily mean a death sentence. Rather; it means, gaining back balance. I have had lumps in my breasts, bumps and toward the end of 2021 I had a 6mm kidney stone. I broke it overnight without medication.

      I am adding dates so I do not forget them and so that I can stay on topic for future posts in this group.
      More on this later. The dates below are a reminder to me.
      (Thursday July 7 2022)

      Jan or Feb 2020 projectile
      February? 2022 Projectile

      Friday May 13th had a stomach virus and 103 temperature
      Monday May 23, 2022 Quick Care affiliated with my doctor’s office
      Friday May 27, 2022 had a chest CT
      Wednesday June 22, 2022 Started my green soup, garlic, ACV, Olive oil, lemon, 2 waters then 3 then 2
      This will be in paragraph form when I get back to it

      Radiation> Virus? Lung blockages?

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