I offer comprehensive reformation on a spiritual level. This is what I call brain-retraining which goes above and beyond to get you in the best shape of your life.

​If you commit and do everything within my coaching program and don’t see and feel noticeable results after 12 weeks, please contact me to see how we can better adjust your reformation. Investment of your time is important to me.

My program begins in this community. Not simply this website, but my entire community which is the Sewing Social Worlds (SSW) Community. All of my websites, blogs and forums are part of the community, each focusing on different topics which all lead to the same narrative. The narrative being that we are not living a reality that we have created.

We are what we eat inasmuch as we are what we think. We must focus on the mind, body and soul for full healing. We must learn to trust ourselves and live in our power and understand that we live in a vibrational universe and that everything is energy. The only way to accomplish this is to make a promise to ourselves that we, with an open mind will take back our belief-system that was hijacked at birth when we were indoctrinated into the matrix at birth.

Keep your vibrations high, you control it

Keep your energy level on point, you control it