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Gaia (Earth) provides healthy food and natural medicine for that which ails you.

This community will share sources of healthy food and recipes as well as explain what each does for your body. Food that pleases your mind, body, and soul. Also shared is food that is toxic. We must put everything back into perspective. Soul food is healthy food because it pleases our soul.


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Become a better version of you. Spice also contributes to good health. Find out which ones are beneficial.

Improve your knowledge regarding toxic food

Your first love should be yourself. Grandma always said, “If you don’t love yourself, no one else will.”

Breaking habits is not an easy feat. One must break bad habits though in order to see positive change. Do you care about life, and I mean all life? Just because some intelligent life is not human, does not mean that you should eat it. What if I came to your home and murdered your dog or cat so I can eat them? Are they not souls? Do they not not bleed? Look, if someone were to come to you now and attempt to kill you, you would feel a lot of negative thoughts with the pain that goes a long with it. Is that what you want to ingest…bad energy? Its like being an accomplice to murder. I don’t want to sound mean but these are the facts. If you can’t find it in yourself to care about another living being, then at least care that you are transferring negative energy into your being.

I use flax seeds in all of my cooking. Flax seeds contain Alpha-linolenic acid, an essential omega-3 fatty acid. The human body does not produce it and it is needed for growth and development and is why it is called essential. The reason I use Alpha-linolenic acid is to prevent heart disease. It is effective for preventing diseases in the heart and blood vessels.

My 15 year old is awesome. She likes to cook soup like me. Veggies, turmeric, sea salt, chia and flax seeds and garlic. These are almost the ingredients I used when I made the soup for the puppies who had parvo. It saved them.

Honey is not only great for a sore throat. Honey has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties, and is a good source of antioxidants. Buy raw honey though. Always choose organic.

I have probably been cooking with flax seeds for at least 15 years. I don’t mean sometimes, I mean most of the time and I am extremely generous with the amount I use. Many times when guests would come over, they would say, “are you using flax seed?” I would say naturally, why? They responded by saying so we can prepare to sit on the toilet for a while. Flax seeds are great for constipation and ridding of toxins. This is from my own research. I know that flax seeds are healthy and I am sure we have all read that but I use it for many reasons and one is to keep my system clean.

Kale & Cabbage
Vegan Veggie Soup

Although spring water is healthy, plastic is not, especially when it is heated and the plastic releases toxins. Transfer to a different container whenever possible. The image was retrieved here so you can begin here for your research

Kale and cabbage mixed makes a great salad. You can add dried cranberries for a different texture. You can also make your own dressing. I like to mix a little bit of apple cider vinegar, lemon and ginger. If you add garlic, use fresh garlic. Yummy!!! Kale is an excellent source of vitamin C, and extremely high in vitamin K. In fact, kale is one of the leading sources of vitamin K.

The best soup is homemade soup. Try to avoid using tap water. Use your favorite veggies. I use a lot of green veggies including kale, onion, carrots, bok choy, chia and flax seeds and fresh garlic which is a very healthy soup. Use as much B-17 possible.

Sometimes people don’t want to believe what I say about food and they think that I am paranoid. I am not paranoid. Try taking something that you eat all the time, could be meat or just anything that you eat, actually try shrimp for example. Stop eating shrimp, if you do eat shrimp, say for about 6 months or a year and then put it back in your system and see how your system reacts. When I used to eat shrimp many years ago and I stopped because of the parasites in it, my neighbor many years ago who liked to make shrimp asked me to taste his cocktail sauce and I said but I’ve tasted it before and you know I stop eating shrimp. Anyway, I did eat a piece of shrimp and I wound up in the bathroom about three to five minutes later because my body was not having it. You see the thing is that when you eat something that’s not good for you all of the time your body just becomes immune to it. It’s when you stop eating it and then put it back in your system that your body rejects it because it’s really not good for you.

Eat beautiful salads with beautiful colors. There are so many salads we can eat. Be creative with food. Not only is healthy food beneficial to our bodies, but to soul as well. A colorful salad will activate your chakras. You can add beautiful colors with berries. Strawberries, blueberries and blackberries. Any kind of berries. You can also use other fruit. Don’t forget to add your favorite nuts.

March 2019

The programming in the media is horrifying. For those who still do not believe that there is no brainwashing going on; please think again. There is a new meal out in one of the fast food restaurants. It is called the big bag I think. Does a meal not contain too much food as it is? I do not eat a lot, although I can say that there were certain times in my life when I ate entire meals and then some. I can get away with being full on a piece of fruit. It may not last all day but I choose to eat to live rather than live to eat. I think an entire burger, French fries, and a drink is way too much food. I don’t eat meat but I use to. I also do not drink soda. A few sips of soda is filling. A couple of fries are filling, and then a burger. Wow. The big bag adds another side for your delight (not), a box of nuggets or whatever it is this place calls fried ground up bird. Please, be honest with yourselves. I mean, be true to yourself and say, “Do I need to consume all of this food?” “Why do I let other people decide the portion size for me?” It is bad enough that the food is NOT healthy. Then companies decide that the portion size of unhealthy food should increase and they know that people are going to fall for it. The consumer matrix is set up to brainwash us, make us work hard for the juiciest piece of flesh (the burger), the biggest house and the fastest car. It is all a bunch of B.S.

I know I have been saying this for years, but I will continue to say it. You were born from a human, not a cow. Does it make sense to drink milk from a cow, the mother to a 400 pound calf? The 400 pound calf needs the cow milk, we do not. We need milk from our mothers and then we are weaned. It was always my belief that drinking milk that is beneficial to a calf can cause osteoporosis in humans. Not the opposite. Make sense?

It may seem like a pain to look at labels; however, if you research online, you’ll become a champ at the market in grabbing water without fluoride. The same applies as you change your diet to a healthier one. You will learn to go down the healthy aisles. Please don’t let inconvenience stand in the way of eating food that is beneficial. Here’s the blueprint, eat food that are the colors of your chakras (the rainbow) red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and purple. Rare, medium rare and well done are not options…sorry. Not included in the blueprint.

We are energy; therefore, we should eat food that provides good energy. The greatest energy comes from things that are alive and are given energy from the sun, such as plants. There are complications that come from eating meat and I know I have said this many times, so I will share a few videos. Animals are beings and go through a horrible negative process to make a presence on your dining room table. Animals are murdered or captured, tortured and sliced into parts so that you can enjoy eating a once living being. Then it is packaged and made to look appetizing as if it was never a being. You then remove the once living animal from its packaging and cook it on the BBQ, stove, crock pot or the oven. The entire process is negative and murdering and torturing animals create negative vibrations that you put inside of your being. When you think about it from beginning to end (visual), the process is quite satanic. I am sure many will disagree; however, if you visualize this process with your child or other family member in the animal’s place, I am pretty sure you will considerate it satanic. All beings have a right to live. That is the point of life! Please be mindful about what you are eating and how it is prepared from beginning to end. When you think about it, the cells in the animal will not heal us because the vibrations are low and their cells are not coded to do so. Live food is like medicine and you can actually grow it yourself. 🙂

March 22, 2022

The time has come for you to become responsible for yourselves. You came to this reality by yourself and you will leave by yourself. This is your journey so you must walk the walk. No one is responsible for your destination; you must navigate your journey. It is important to begin with how you treat your body (your temple). You must take care of your body, not anyone else. You should know that you have an eco-system coupled with consciousness and all must be cared or by you. If you are not questioning what is going into your body, you do not care enough for the beautiful powerful being who is YOU!

First of all, we should be growing our own food. Mainly because this is the only way to sustain this large of a global society on our planet, our home. Humans cannot sustain life for much longer on this planet if we do not have our own land and grow our own food. This applies to every single one of us. This is common sense. We do NOT need others to take care of us because it does not work; it is ineffective. Being able to go to the grocery store to find tortured and dead animals at our fingertips is not a way to sustain life. You see, we must sustain all life on this planet. We do not have the right to decide which beings live and which get tortured and make it to our tables. This is actually a very dark reality we live. We must stop this insanity at once if we plan to see a brighter future. There is nothing bright about breeding, lining up and torturing animals (other beings) so that we can eat their poor tortured flesh. A little demonic when you think about it. Please think of your child when you think about shoveling another being down your throats. This is a necessary comparison so I do not want to continue to hear that the Bible says we can eat animals or that they are a lower consciousness than humans so we have a right to eat them. I guess that means since humanity holds a lower level of consciousness than other beings, they have a right to eat us? Think about that and please wake up.